Aquarius owns the distinction of being one of three zodiacal signs associated with people rather than animals (or objects: Libra, the scales) and it is within this sign that the uniqueness of humanity and human consciousness reside. With Gemini it is the youthful curiosity of life and questioning of things but with Aquarius it is the application of those curiosities and quests that we set forth new ideals and technology to establish a new order of things. 

Sometimes people are surprised Aquarius, the Water bearer, is not a water sign but Air. It’s glyph ♒︎ even looks like water and from a certain perspective it is: the water poured out by the cup bearer Ganymede. But From another perspective it’s the dynamic waves of air or even the buzzing waves of electricity and as we will see,  Aquarius is a sign of technology and innovation. 

In Babylonian mythology (the blueprint for later myths) we are told of the  hero Gilgamaesh who, on a quest to discover immortality and save his friend, is confronted with several monsters each representing the first three fixed signs:  A monstrous mechanical bull (Taurus) a pride of lions (Leo)  and, lastly, monstroushalf-man-half-scorpion guards (Scorpio.)

Once he overcame the obstacles sent by the wrathful Gods and finally beyond the scorpionic guardians of the underworld he finally crosses the keeper of the secrets of immortality Utnapishtim, Aquarius. 

Utnapishtim, the proto-Noah, was once mortal and was nearly killed in the worldwide flood that washed away the earlier civilizations of the world. Because of his virtue and nobility he was spared, not by rapture or even direct instruction but through indirect support.


When the Gods set to wipe out humankind Enki took pity upon humans and covertly rebelled against the other Gods by speaking warnings and instructions -not to utnapishtim but to the walls of Utnapishtim’s home. Hearing these warnings and instructions he went about to build an Ark and was saved along with his family, animals and a pharmacopoeia which included the sacred herb of life which granted immortality.

There are a few takeaways here:

  1. Rebellion of an pre-existing order and establishment of the new.

  2. Prescience or foreknowledge

  3. technology & immortality.

In modern times we see the resurgence of these mythic narratives in our personal lives as well as historic recurrence of events, if at least the hints of them. 

personal life

in our personal lives we may rebel against convention or established orders so we may be liberated to experiment and test out new ideals, boundaries and ways of life. Adolescence is filled with such activity for most even the more conservative folks after all, "the Cup bearer" is a youth. This experimentation brings not only knowledge but the appreciation for other ways of thinking or being. It's the virtue of Aquarius to allow others to freely be themselves as unique individuals within the collective.

We may see the way ahead in lifestyle trends and novelty via technology be it bitcoin or using social media to organize collectives for activism. Aquarians are social folks even if aloof at times and often there can be a genius way of leading groups and tapping into the collective mind of their peers.

We may seek out longevity via technology or novel healthcare in order to preserve our youth and vitality. Many of us embrace the promise of technological immortality hopefully gifted to us by the priestcraft of science. If Aquarius is anything it is experimental and will try new things unless, of course, one is rigidly fixed in their worldview that would deny a particular treatment or benefit. Remember Aquarius is a fixed sign and, like all fixed signs,  can be dogmatic and fixed in their ways.

grand picture

Within the world stage we see the Aquarian storyplaying out with dramatic flare, it is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, after all. Rebellion and subterfuge on all sides be it labeled ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ -both terms that are quickly losing their meaning in this age of hyper-reality and accelerated complexity.

Everyone seems to be crusading for a new order even the ones who are seeking to make the “old order great again” are doing so with rebelliousness and with the support of radicals. Everyone thinks they know what the future brings and that some sort of doom seems inevitable be it radical Islam, global climate change, economic turmoil and so on. Very often the answer is the forfeiture of heart and spirit, the least of worries for Aquarius.

We are all benefited with prescience or foreknowledge due to the wizardry of statisticians, futurists and speculators on all sides. urging us towards technology of some manner be it online petitions, printable guns, bitcoins or billionare-bunkers.  Among the most fitting to the historical recurrence of Utnapishtim and Noah: Seed vaults and DNA arks. 

"doomsday" seed vault, Norway

"doomsday" seed vault, Norway

Among those promising utopia rather than dystopia (as if that hasn’t already happened) we have the techno saviors promising indefinite longevity via drugs, friendly AI robots for service and companionship and immortal robot bodies in which we will upload our brains into God-like computer networks, never mind the ‘soul’ which is really just an illusion. ...According to the shadow side of Aquarius, that is.

While humanitarian at best it can often be cold and aloof, even somewhat heartless. Remember Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and is opposite Leo, the heart and soul of the zodiac.  For now at least. keep in mind that Pisces follows Aquarius and as Nicola Tesla argued, spirituality will follow the greatest technological advancements not the other way around.

Not sure? Just recently the CIA dumped thousands of formerly secret documents that include ESP experiements and applicaitons by remote viewers or “psychic spies”. Former insiders have been talking about this for years much to the deafness of so-called skeptics and gullible science enthusiasts. This dimension of mind is becoming harder to ignore and in time it will be a significant dimension to the question of Consciousness and our creation and application of technology.

So, Perhaps it's not reliance on old authority speaking through the "mainstream" legacy media nor heartless, soul-blind"experts" that will save us from potential disasters of the present and the future but first by simply listening to the Gods talk to walls.








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