In part one we took a look at some of the mythology behind Aquarius and how it is manifesting in our world on a grand scale. In our personal lives we all have a need for socializing even if we are bookworms or afflicted with social anxiety. Even deciding not to socialize, to look to the future and imagine a new order we are still engaging that aspect of life albeit with little input on our end. The less we engage it the more we may be victim of fate.

While this particular New moon is not in itself greatly empowered or afflicted by the other stars it falls just prior to February's two powerful Eclipses in Leo and Pisces. So expect an accelerating turn of events in the coming days with a great punctuation mark ending this lunar cycle.

Much is already happening on the world stage and it will only get more exciting and dramatic, especially where crowds and populations are concerned with regard to their visible kingly rulers.

I say "visible" because we are still in the whirlwind of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto cycle which pits the populous against the chamelionic and invisible machinations of industry and the "deep state" as well as visible and invisible radicals on all sides, making up the rules (and news) as they go along with sudden revelations and black swans appearing with profound consequences for all.

Nothing is as it seems, it would seem.

Since Aquarius is about both free-thinking as well as crowds and populations,  I leave you with this quote as food for thought.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).” -Mark Twain


The Nitty gritty

New Moons carry a 'wave' of experience beyond it's exact occurrence of about two weeks, depending on how personally effected you are by it. Often it will be subtle or even something of a non-event. To determine where the New Moon will be initiating a new phase of activity in your life, look to your rising sign and see where the Moon is placed relative to it.

If you don't know your rising sign you can calculate it for free at

As always, this is an exceedingly brief look at what is going on for each individual and does not take into account a variety of factors that can mitigate, exaggerate and modify these themes.  If you are curious about what's really going on in the life of your stars you can book a consultation in the links below.

Aries :  11th House: gain & increase, money from career, groups, friends and Acquaintances, networks, cliques, Hopes, dreams, gains, personal and shared goals.

Taurus : 10th House Career, profession, status & position in society, public standing, reputation, authority figures, bosses, fathers, awards, responsibilities, desire for achievement.

Gemini : 9th House: Travel, education, philosophy & religion, Ceremony & customs, teachers, teaching & learning, foreigners, legal issues, courthouses, broadcasting and publishing.


Cancer : 8th House: intimacy, sexuality, psychological and occult matters, shared resources, inheritance, credit, loans, personal power of regeneration, crisis and emergency.


Leo :  7th House: marriage, partnership, close friends, rivals, open enemies and all important one-on-one interactions such as contracts and agreements. 
Virgo :  6th House: health & illness of physical body, work, service, routines, habits, co-workers, hired workers and staff.

Libra : 5th House: Love affairs, dating, sexual love, games, fun, play, entertainment and entertaining, performance arts, creativity, pregnancy and children. 

 Scorpio : 4th House : Home & family, houses, realestate, rentals, renovations and relocating,  roommates and all who live in the home.

Sagittarius : 3rd house: The Mind, writing and communications, siblings and neighbors, errands and movement within your local area, plans, media.

Capricorn : 2nd House: Self worth, money, physical comfort, sensuality, wealth and finances, income and expenditures, personal assets and values.  

Aquarius : 1st House: Identity, self-assertion, selfishness, personal demands, physical health of the body, the Face and outer appearance.

Pisces : 12th House: Hidden issues, secret affairs, retreat, cooperation, hospitalization, retirement, completing old stories, self-undoing, reflection, subconscious drives and issues which inhibit free will.


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