Libra New Moon - Balancing Acts


Libra and balance

Libra is the sign of Balance and harmony. Easily evident with it’s symbol: The Scales. which is a device to measure balance and equality between two separate objects. The glyph can also be interpreted as a setting sun, halfway over the horizon and it’s the Sun’s entry into Libra that marks Fall as the sun declines and days grow shorter in length. 


So we see both balance not only in our personal lives regarding fair and equal partnerships but also equanminity in life itself and the natural order of thigns, natures  checks and balances.

Life out of balance

Making this New Moon especially wild and suprising is that it’s exactly opposite Uranus, the rebel and trickster, in the sign of combative Aries. 

Aries is a sign of firey independence, hasty impatience and decisive agression. You can see why it’s the masucline opposite of peacful and sometimes indecisive Libra. 

Uranus here is reflective of the passionate and agressive independence of both left and right wing politics. It is spontaneous, disruptive and surprising so it often comes wtih the addage “expect the unexpected” which isn’t the most helpful but also kind of true. If you think you can see it coming, it’s probably something else.


Uranus, even when it is liberating you from the past, will destabilize and disrupt current conditions, which is rarely comfortable. It also brings events in a hurry and the things that develop with Uranus can disappear just as quickly leaving only a new world for you to live within.  Therefore it’s very important to stay calm and watch what comes dispassionately. Unless of course, you are acting out the disruptive, chaotic impulse of Uranus, in which case let those bridges burn.

Venus in Libra

Venus is currently transiting the sign of LIbra, her natural home so she is calling shots in this New Moon and is a welcome sign. It may not  be able to overcome the volatility of Uranus in Aries but will help talk down what may seem like a suprise attack or hostage situation. 

Those with planets near 7 Libra may find this New Moon to romantic, espceially if those planets are related to romance: Venus, Mars, Moon or planetary ruler of the 5th or 7th houses. Also those with Aries and Sagittarius rising will find this new moon to be more romantic. 

People with planets at 7 Capricorn, Cancer or Aries may find this New Moon to be a bit difficult with regards to social relationships of all kinds. Remember to be patient and stay calm if things become agitated or conflict arises spontaneously and unexpectedly as it may disappear just as fast. 

How is the New Moon Effecting me?

For the following you will need to look to your RISING sign. Not your Sun Sign! If you don't know your rising sign you can calculate with the free rising sign calculator at Cafe Astrology. : Rising sign calculator. Those feeling the power of this Eclipse the most will have rising signs and planets in the middle degrees of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

As always, this is an exceedingly brief look at what is going on for each rising sign and does not take into account a variety of factors that signify other evens in your life that can mitigate, exaggerate and modify these themes. (Email me to set up a consultation to get the real inside scoop on the astrological activity in your life at Ian @


Aries :  7th House: marriage, partnership, close friends, rivals, open enemies and all important one-on-one interactions. 
Taurus :
6th House: health & illness of physical body, work, service, routines, habits, co-workers, hired workers and staff.

Gemini : 5th House: Love affairs, dating, sexual love, games, fun, play, entertainment and entertaining, performance arts, creativity, pregnancy and children. 

Cancer : 4th House : Home & family, houses, realestate, rentals, renovations and relocating,  roommates and all who live in the home.

Leo :  3rd house: The Mind, writing and communications, siblings and neighbors, errands and movement within your local area, plans, media.

Virgo :  2nd House: Self worth, money, wealth and finances, personal assets and values.  

Libra : 1st House: Identity, self-assertion, selfishness, personal demands, physical health of the body, the Face and outer appearance.

 Scorpio : 12th House: Hidden issues, secret affairs, retreat, cooperation, hospitalization, retirement, completing old stories, self-undoing, reflection, subconscious drives and issues which inhibit free will.

Sagittarius : 11th House: gain & increase, money from career, groups, friends and Acquaintances, networks, cliques, Hopes, dreams, gains, personal and shared goals.

Capricorn : 10th House Career, profession, status & position in society, public standing, reputation, authority figures, bosses, fathers, awards, responsibilities, desire for achievement.

Aquarius : 9th House: Travel, education, philosophy & religion, Ceremony & customs, teachers, teaching & learning, foreigners, legal issues, courthouses, broadcasting and publishing. 

Pisces : 8th House: intimacy, sexuality, psychological and occult matters, shared resources, inheritance, credit, loans, personal power of regeneration, crisis and emergency.

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