Aries Full Moon - Love and War

This will be a quick one as I’m unusually busy with work and big life changes at the moment. More to come when I am settled!

Venus & Mars Conjunct

The Cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars have just completed their Conjunction in the sign of Virgo.  This was a special moment that portends Love, romance -or romantic/relationship upset in our lives, depending on how it aligns to our own natal charts.

What makes this even more interesting and unusual is that they conjoin just as the Moon becomes full in the sign of Aries.  That means the Moon is in a sign ruled by Mars and the Sun in a sign ruled by Venus while both Mars and Venus join together in the same degree in the sign of Virgo.  It's rare that the stars line up in this kind of celestial poetry and life gets rich with meaning and activity when it does.

Venus in Virgo

Virgo is opposite Pisces which is something like a pedestal for Venus. In pisces Venus is Exalted or “highly placed” and represents “true love” or the experience of idealised love. It’s somehting of a gift as Venus here is full of love and often it’s quite “true” or unconditional and often very giving and self-sacrificing.  



but It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Pisces is impressionable, vulnerable to deception and here venus may make some kind of sacrifice for her loved one, willingly or unwillingly. So while she may be "full of love", her flakey, muscian/artist/alcoholic boyfriend may be "full of shit."


Venus in Virgo, while having what some may consider a debility here, also has some benefit. It’s much less likely to fall for someone who takes more than gives or is involved in a victim-savior complex with the other. The catch is that it may have to filter out the phonies and jerks before their long list of exact details in a partner are met. A good way to summarize it’s troubles is “work”. Not the hard labor, responsibility and seriousness of Capricorn and Saturn, rather the work is more like a hairdresser or maid. One has to continually help, fix-up or tend to their love life or partner. Sometimes this takes a back seat to the typical, plain-old venusian Love and pleasure.



Mars has no particular issues with Virgo and can uplift Venus here with some stimulating fun and flirtation, perhaps goading Venus to get moving or keep hustling. However, Mars is still Mars and can bring friction, frustration, anger and fighting with Venus. Because Venus is out of her element, Mars has something of an upper hand and feelings of anger may be expressed with detachd nit-picking and heated scrutiny of love and relationships. 

Long story short: this is a mixed bag even if it turns out well and it’s quite possible some people may find it unpleasant or less-than-ideal. .

Venus & Mars Square Saturn

Shortly after the Conjunction and the Full Moon, Venus and Mars will separate slightly as Venus skips ahead (she’s always a bit faster than mars) and the two will Square off with Saturn. This is a sign that a wet-blanket could be thrown on budding romance or someone may need confirmaiton of fidelity or commitment in the days following.



Flings with people who are unsuitable for us may quickly dampen and be cut off. This may be particularly true for office romances as Virgo is associated with work and work environments. This will be most likely for people with Aries Rising and planets in Virgo and/or Sagittarius and other mutable signs.

Who is most effected?

People with Planets or points near 18* mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will be most effected by the Conjunction of Venus and Mars. Gemini, Sagittarius will have the most difficulty and Pisces a mixed bag, depending on the planets involved and other factors.

Those with planets in 19 Virgo will really feel the heat of this conjunction and will likely experience it as pleasurable. The caveat to this is if they are being directly aspected by the Full Moon which could tilt things either way.

Those with Planets aspected by the Full Moon will also be strongly effected.

Those who are effected by BOTH the Venus-Mars conjunction and the Full Moon will feel the most and may experience major life changes due to what comes up at this time.

If you want to find out more, please post your natal chart or birth time in the comments or email for a reading.

The Full Moon

I have run out of time and am already posting this late so here is the short of it:

The Full Moon is in Aires, a spirited, feisty sign that is sometimes combative. Aries is the part of ourselves that defends our boundaries, takes action on our own desires and willpower and leads with swift and sometimes hasty action. 

The Full Moon will be aspecting Pluto, adding quite a bit of volatility and pressure to this period, so beware that things could get even more heated and intense than typical during this time. It comes just a few days prior to one of the nation's most deadly massacres and everyone is a bit on edge and feelings are running high. 

Bear in mind: Breakthroughs can happen now but they may be preceded by breakdowns in life, love, home and career. 

Those with their Sun, Rising or planets in Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) Will feel this more than others.

How is the Full Moon Effecting me?

For the following you will need to look to your RISING sign. Not your Sun Sign! If you don't know your rising sign you can calculate with the free rising sign calculator at Cafe Astrology. : Rising sign calculator. Those feeling the power of this Eclipse the most will have rising signs and planets in the middle degrees of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

As always, this is an exceedingly brief look at what is going on for each rising sign and does not take into account a variety of factors that signify other evens in your life that can mitigate, exaggerate and modify these themes. (Email me to set up a consultation to get the real inside scoop on the astrological activity in your life at Ian @


Aries : 1st House: Identity, self-assertion, selfishness, personal demands, the Face and outer appearance.

Taurus : 12th House: Hidden issues, self-undoing, secret or private issues, retreat, cooperation, hospitalization, retirement, completing old issues, subconscious drives.

Gemini : 11th House: Groups, friends and Acquaintances, networks, cliques, Hopes, dreams, gains, personal and shared goals.

Cancer : 10th House: Career, profession, position in society, public standing, reputation, authority figures, bosses, fathers, awards, responsibilities, desire for achievement.

Leo : 9th House: Travel, education, philosophy, teachers, foreigners, legal issues, courthouses, broadcasting and publishing.

Virgo : 8th House: intimacy, sexuality, psychological and occult matters, shared resources, inheritance, credit, loans, personal power of regeneration.

Libra : 7th House: marriage, partnership, close friends, rivals, open enemies and all important one-on-one interactions.

Scorpio : 6th House: health & illness of physical body, work, service, routines, habits, co-workers, hired workers and staff.

Sagittarius : 5th House: Love affairs, dating, games, fun, play fullness, entertainment and entertaining, performance arts, creativity, pregnancy and children.

Capricorn : 4th House : Home & family, houses, real estate, rentals, renovations and relocating, roommates and all who live in the home.

Aquarius: 3rd house: The Mind, writing and communications, siblings and neighbors, errands and movement within your local area, plans, media.

Pisces : 2nd House: Self worth, money, wealth and finances, personal assets and values, appetites and physical desires.

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