Leo Full Moon Eclipse

It's that time again, and life begining it's gradual acceleration towards the climax of the Eclipse cycle. Technically occurring Feb 10th, I tend to think of the 3 weeks prior and after being the umbrella in which these forces play out.


I notice that very often people get stuck on the exact time of an Eclipse or New/Full moon and miss the larger picture. Exactly how big is an ocean wave? It's really sort of irrelevant. Did you get splashed or not? That's the question.


Eclipses come in cycles hitting two opposing signs for a period and bringing out focus, development and/or crisis within wherever those signs fall in your natal chart. This previous cycle was between Virgo/Pisces and is soon to switch to Leo/Aquarius, this being the first Leo eclipse.



As with all Eclipses most people will "feel" or notice a sense of acceleration and climax but not everyone will experience a dramatic crisis or major change in their life. All that depends on the natal chart and the other cycles present in a persons life. Sometimes they can be somewhat non-events at the time and the subtle changes are noticeable after the fact. Even within a series of Eclilpses in a given set of signs one may experience one or two of them to be real big events while the others pass by without much fanfare.


 How is this effecting me?

How and where are we being forward-looking, humanitarian and scientific? Where might be a bit detached and aloof? Where do we like to unify with others and share in a common good and common goal? Where do we need to be more responsible in our communities and larger world?

Where this FullMoon occurs in your chart will reveal what area of life will be effected, changed or challenged. For this you will need to look to your RISING sign.  If you don't know your rising sign you can calculate with the free rising sign calculator at Cafe Astrology. : Rising sign calculator.

As always, this is an exceedingly brief look at what is going on for each rising sign and does not take into account a variety of factors that signify other evens in your life that can mitigate, exaggerate and modify these themes. (Email me to set up a consultation to get the real inside scoop on the astrological activity in your life at Ian @ pantheonastrology.com