Mercury Direct - Fire from heaven

Prometheus with the fire of the Gods illuminates humankind

Prometheus with the fire of the Gods illuminates humankind

Mercury Retrograde is one of the better known cycles which, along with the Saturn return, can bring quite a bit of anxiety and worry. While some of this may seem justified from our experience, it’s not merely the irritating troublemaker and, at times, can even be a divine messenger of liberating information and knowledge.

So instead of talking about the usual mercury retrograde stuff, lets look at this deeper, more exciting side of Mercury Retrograde for this especially unusual Mercury Retro cycle.

Mercury went retrograde on April 6 and went direct at 24* Aries on May 3rd where it has been hanging for the following days. As you may know, the stationary periods where it stops in the sky for a period before changing directions tend to be the most exciting and surprising periods. Each stationary period lasts about 6 days.

What makes this stationary direct phase as unusual is it’s exact conjunction to Uranus, the liberator and rebel. It’s rare that the two line up in this fashion where they cohabitate for such an extended time.

Uranus is sometimes touted as the  “higher octave” of Mercury, a and they both are certainly tricksters although Uranus tends towards rebelliousness whereas Mercury is siimply capricious and changeable rather than antagonistic to standing orders. Where Mercury is the messenger of little details and minor facts, Uranus is about larger ideas and technological innovation, much like Prometheus who brought fire to humankind.

As I have been telling people (not here on my blog, alas) that this Mercury Retro period is special and that this Stationary direct period would bring about some major (and highly unusual) news headlines regarding Science, technology, Government corruption and the slow process of disclosure of Extraterrestrial life and secret space programs. It has done just that.

When Mercury went stationary Retrograde back in April 4th it was right around the time NASA announced that the watery Moon of Saturn, Encaludus, may have the building blocks for life. I took notice of this and predicted that by the time Mercury goes direct there would be further news regarding this development and/or new stories geared towards acclimating the general public to the idea of Extra-terrestrial life perhaps even in our own solar system.

The other times of revelation and development would be when Mercury returns to it's retrograde degree of 7 Taurus on May 19-20 and then later in the year when Jupiter Opposes Uranus for the last time in this decade.

ET Disclosure as "Discovery"

Soon after the announcement that Saturn's water filed moon Enceladus may be habitable to life the media began seeding the public consciousness with the idea that not only life outside of earth is probable but it's discovery was immanent.

What makes these stories particularly striking is the fact that for quite some time now multiple insiders and whistleblowers have been alleging that disclosure of a decades long cover-up regarding UFOs and ET life was either immanent or progressively underway by the forces within the government,  various agencies such as NASA and the military industrial complex.

Because of the inevitability of disclosure as well as secret space programs, there would be a slow and progressive roll-out or "acclimation program" to ready the populations of the world while maintaining control of the narrative.

 The belief behind the need for a slow and progressive unveiling being that a abrupt revelation of all available data would be so profound as to collapse economies, destabilize nations & cultures,  start wars and drive certain segments of the population insane. Additionally it is thought that after +60 years of deception and lying on this issue the establishment needs to control the narrativeto avoid criminal charges or retribution from individuals, the public and other nation states.



Regardless of where one might stand on this debate, there does appear to be a program of revelation to a much larger reality in which humanity finds itself. “Drips” of disclosure have been progressively coming out -and not simply in the world of conspiracy chat rooms, but in mainstream media.

Much of the latest revelations confirms what has been alleged by these whistleblowers and insiders such as Corey Goode and William Tompkins. Most significantly: Disclosure would follow a general timeline in order to maintain control of the narrative and would include the following:

  1. Discovery of the possibility of basic life forms on one of our planets or their Moons

  2. Discovery of remnants of ET cultures in the far distant past found on the Moon, planets and planetary Moons in our solar system or earth itself, perhaps Antarctica.

  3. Revelation of advanced, exotic energy and propulsion technologies that allow for rapid travel between planets and/or beyond stars.

  4. Revelation of ongoing a secret space program within NASA or Military group. This includes space fleets, bases on Moon or mars and deep underground military bases within our own planet.

And so it seems that this process is indeed underway. On May 5th news broke of an scientific paper written by Jason Thomas Write and published for Cornell university released a paper suggesting that remnants of ET civilizations could be discovered within our own solar system.


"If a prior technological, perhaps spacefaring, species ever arose in the solar system, it might have produced artifacts or other technosignatures that have survived to present day."

Naturally the author of the paper made sure to distance himself from anything that would strain his relationship with the academic gatekeepers by saying he doesn't believe in "ancient aliens". So, Just so you are clear on the official narrative so far: Ancient aliens may be real and ancient aliens aren't real so keep listening to us and ignore any other sources of information on this subject.

That cognitive dissonance, like "hypernomalization", keeps people from actually thinking for themselves and surrenders their will-to-truth. Meanwhile NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin is a bit more affirmative regarding the issue.


SETI discovers 11 mysterious signals

Just prior to the may 5th report on the possibility of remnants of ET civilizations within our own solar system comes 11 new radios signals that may be from ET civilizations in our galaxy.

As always with these stories there is an escape clause that creates dissonance and allows the officials to deny the story later. "However, at the the same time, the team does not believe that any of the signals are traces of alien communications." Of course, science is about testing data not belief, so why even mention that disbelieve? Again, to ensure reliance on official channels in case they change their minds about announcing anything.

Of course, some would argue that the whole UFO phenomenon is an amusing curiosity of a bygone era:

As if MSM gets marching orders, articles like this pop up from time to time.

As if MSM gets marching orders, articles like this pop up from time to time.

Of course, the reports of a decline of UFO sightings are baseless, made up assertions passed as facts with the only substantiating evidence being that 'with so many cell phones we should see proof by now". A laughable supposition right from the start.

It also contradicts the actual facts: UFO sightings are at an all time high. -And this is just what is reported, many are not.

"But how? Alien rockets would take a millions of years to get here!"

Energy and propulsion breakthroughs

Anyone who has watched the propaganda of Bill Nye and other "science guy" talking heads, you know that aliens clearly haven't visited earth because the distances are so vast it would take millions of years to crawl across the galaxy.

But what they never mention is that this is only true with our primitive rocket technology. Other forms of energy propulsion such as warp drive would allow for much faster travel perhaps even instantaneous.

Back in 2015 rumors of a theoretical warp drive being developed by NASA hit NASA's own internal chat forums and was quickly and fervently debunked thereafter by official channels like popular mechanics, wired, ect.


warp drive poppycock.jpg

Eventually The EM drive re-entered mainstream public awareness and as of mercury direct,  it would seems it is not only theoretically possible but will soon be tested publicly. So much for "poppycock"...

NASA warp.jpg

Although rumors are circulating that this testing is already happening by either china (as they have claimed) or NASA via their secretive and mysterious X-37B space plane.  These rumors seem to be tacitly confirmed by the backlash and debunking attempts by the official gatekeepers telling everybody to "chill".

rumors .jpg

I predict the EM drive will be announced as "real" and working as early as Mercury's return to it's stationary degree may 19th or as late as this fall as Jupiter makes it's final opposition to Uranus, a cycle which brings breakthroughs in space flight technology. The previous opposition was in March and it actually stationed retrograde opposite Uranus highlighting these next few months as rich for space flight developments.

New and exotic propulsion technologies would be greatly enabled with new forms of energy generation. For a long time people have sought out novel forms of energy production that violate our current paradigm of physics, some even created such devices although usually with the inventions being bought or stolen away by shadowy powers of the deep state (it's an open secret among engineers).

Like the existence of Extra-terrestrial cultures interacting with earth in the past and presentit will inevitably be released to the public. That time is near if not now.

And why not add a few more miles to this rabbit hole?

Viable time machines. Although only a mathematical formula, it's a big step and a further primes the collective for a larger, deeper, stranger future ...and past. Like the propulsion and energy tech, time travel has long been rumored by insiders to be one of the many assets of the deep state.

Some of us may be shaking our fists at these developments "what about the flying cars we were promised!??" well...


So that's the a quick glance at the tip of the iceberg. There is quite a bit more to the news stories hinting at the larger world we are emerging into.


Mercury will soon be moving forward at his regular pace but the revelations will likely continue with the date of Mercury’s return to it’s retrograde degree of 4 Taurus being a key date for another revelation. This will occur on May 19-20th.

While it’s also a day of temporal echos and remembrance of whatever issues were brought up in early April, on a larger scale we may see some more big revelations with any of the above stories in particular the possibility of basic life on the moon of Saturn, Enceladus, as this was the announced the day mercury went retrograde.

Later in the year we have a major Eclipse aspecting the natal chart of the US and the final pass of Jupiter Opposite Uranus, a radical and liberating time with major breakthroughs in science and technology and a rapid expansion of our worldview.  Enjoy the ride.


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