4 Keys to Navigate an Eclipse

Antoine Caron Astronomers Studying an Eclipse

Antoine Caron Astronomers Studying an Eclipse

An Eclipse does not simply end when the observable event is over. It may be helpful to think of Eclipses are like waves that move through our lives over periods ofdays,  months and even years. What story is told and how long it takes to finish will depend on your own natal chart, as with all things in astrology. Contact me for a reading if you would like to understand the deeper dimensions of meaning within your chart and what it holds for you during these times.

All that said, here are some tips to keep things in perspective and assist you in navigating these times.

1) It’s longer than you think

Eclipses don’t just start and stop with the main event of the Moon obscuring the Sun. Nor is it simply the two or three days before. Depending on various factors it could be experienced days or even a month before the actual event and even longer after the fact. New Moon’s in particular seem to be about initiating new events that can last weeks or even months after the fact which Full Moon Eclipses are like climaxes that seem to conclude within a shorter time frame but with more emotional,psychic or experiential impact.

2) Many Considerations

First stop and think about this: The word consideration literally means “to observe the stars. From the Latin considerare "to look at closely, observe,” and Sideris or “constellations, stars” it’s likely a navigational term used by sailors who had to observe the stars in order to direct themselves to their destination. We look to the stars so we can navigate towards our desired destination.

Two major considerations regarding an Eclipse are the following:

Planets or points at the degree of the Eclipse or in any “hard aspect” these include the opposition. Any planet near the Eclipse, opposite or 90 degrees away will be highly involved in this time period for good or ill. Also important are the Angels of the chart: the Ascendant or "rising sign"  and the Midheaven also known as the"Zenith" being the very top of the chart.

Progressed planets or points - and/or - Outer planets aspecting OTHER r important or related points at the time of the Eclipse. Progressions are symbolic advancement of time which move very slowly and act a bit like background noise until triggered by another transit or, in this case, an Eclipse. Outer planets are likewise important and also move very slowly until they are triggered. Both Progressions and outer planet transits indicate the overarching themes and events of major impact.

one example:  You may have an Eclipse in the 7th House of Marriage while Uranus is conjoining your Venus elsewhere in the chart, seemingly unrelated to untrained eyes. If single you may meet someone and jump into a relationship abruptly or if already in a established relationship there could be disruption,  or major changes in the partnership such as a breakup. The condition of Venus, it’s placement and aspects it makes to other planets or points will tell you more.

3) Pre and post Eclipse Triggers

Even if things are going great, sometimes the best part of the Eclipse is when it’s over. The feeling of release and adjustment is a welcome breath of fresh air as everything settles or plateaus to a new "normal".  But as we have discussed, it’s not necessarily over just yet!

planets triggered by the transiting sun or Moon after the Eclipse

Let’s say the Eclipse is in the same sign as your Venus  but several degrees away from being exactly conjoined. This means that a few days AFTER the eclipse the Sun will come and conjoin Venus, a lovely time for love and socializing.So, perhaps during the weekend of the Eclipse you were excited for a romantic encounter and get out of the house to go meet a new potential partner -wether you knew of the astrology or not!  

During that time your desires will be very strong and if nothing manifests or your particular desires are unmet, you may feel something of a crisis: frustrated, impatient, desperate.However, a few days later when the Sun conjoins Venus you accept an invitation to go out with friends and there you meet someone new and hit it off. 

The reverse is also true. You may have that Sun-Venus alignment just BEFORE the Eclipse and meet someone. Perhaps you date a bit during the week and then, over the Eclipse weeknd,  there is a passionate consumation of your love and a new relationship starts. 

It’s actually not quite that simple but it gives you a bit more of an idea how this stuff works. In this example you may go out and have a nice dinner with friends who are particularly kind to you perhaps footing the bill. But not real romance. Saturn could be aspecting that Same Venus holding off the potential

4) All this is passing

What is the one thing you can say which makes a poor man happy and a rich man sad? All this is passing.

Be mindful that these period will indeed pass and whatever excitement or discomfort you experience is temporary, even though it might not feel that way. Even if you are entering into a new phase that will last months or years, the feeling of uncertainty, pressure and discomfort will indeed pass.

 There is something about peak experiences or peak-times in our lives that make it seem as if time is going slowly . They say "Time flies when you are having fun" so maybe it’s just not that fun. Remember to slow down, be present, take care of yourself and get enough sleep. Eclipses are notorious for being occurring alongside sleep disturbances. 

Feel free to post your birth-data or birth chart and I'll give you a brief run-down of what I see going on for you.