Retrograde Reminder

This article is In honor of Mercury, obviously the best and brightest and smartest and funniest of all planetary spirits, who decided that it should be accidentally deleted and rewritten THREE times before finally getting (or allowing) it to stick. I implore you to burn some incense and give your prayers to the trickster God if not for your sake for mine! haha



I think it’s been overshadowed by the Eclipse but Mercury is still Retrograde as of the 13th and will be going direction on September 4th. 

What makes this Mercury Retro period unique is that not only is it occurring during the period of the intense and dramatic Leo Eclipse but it will slow down to go stationary Direct at the exact degree of the Eclipse.

 It’s these “stationary” points where a planet appears to slow and stop in the sky that they are most powerful and, in the case of Mercury, most surprising, disruptive or even amusing. 

This is rather curious.

As mentioned in my post on the Leo Eclipse, these periods of drama and acceleration can be times of crisis and whenurgent decisions must be made -or are made for us- and when we may feel as if we are “on the wrong side of a swiftly closing gate”. In these pressured times we may speak or act impulsively, hastily or be directed on our heated passionsrather than our intellect or intuition.

So, for many of us, the" pressured words and actions” may come back to haunt us or we may have an opportunity to revisit the dramas, circumstances, stand-offs or disasters that arose and get an opportunity to try again or to have the last word. 

Mars Joins Mercury - september 1-3

Adding fuel to the Leo Fire is Mars who has been traveling in Leo since the new moon all the way back on July 20th.

Mars will finish this transit by joining Mercury right at the Eclipse degree. For those of us who's natal charts line up with the Ecilpse will really feel that martian sense of heat, anger and urgency at this time.

Everyone should be mindful of this tense weekend and watch for short fuses or dangerous situations.

Mercury Direct

Mercury goes direct on the 4th but will remain in this degree for about 5 days. Planets do not just "go direct" like a switch, they progress on their own terms and slowly get back to their regular speed. Even then there could be some flashbacks when Mercury returns to the degree it went retrograde earlier in the month.


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