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4 Keys to Navigate an Eclipse

First stop and think about this: The word consideration literally means “to observe the stars. From the Latin considerare "to look at closely, observe,” and Sideris or “constellations, stars” it’s likely a navigational term used by sailors who had to observe the stars in order to direct themselves to their destination. We look to the stars so we can navigate towards our desired destination.

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Leo Eclipse

The German term for crisisis: Torschlusspanik is literally “Shut-door-panic” or fear of being on teh wrong side of a closing gate. This may be a perfect term for our feelings right now and the sense that we are wasting our lives, "betting on the wrong horses" or, at least,  uncertainty around important decisions whose windows of opportunity are quickly closing. Some of us may be happily on the other side of the gate and ready to move on to new pastures and for them they may be a compassionate ear for those others.

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