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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces pt2

Pisces is one of the mutable signs and as the name implies, it is willing or able to mutate, adapt and transform, something the fixed signs have much more difficulty with. Pisces, perhaps more than the others, is suited to mutation and transformation as it is the last sign of the zodiac and is considered to be the sum of all other signs before it and the stage of final transformation or repeating of the cycle back into Aries.

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New Moon -Solar Eclipse in Pisces (pt1)

Sometimes it's hard to get a hold of and understand whats going on inside a Pisces as they are constantly shifting and undulating, Often they don't know themselves as the feelings are more like images, kaledescoping and fractalizing into the prismatic surf of cosmic oneness. or they are just too stoned to talk right now and hungry and the lighting is all wrong and you are being mean!

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