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Relationship analysis is tricky and there is quite a bit of low qualitymaterial out there on the subject, particularly on the internet. 

This in-depth reading looks at 3 levels of interpretation:

1. Natal delineation:  Each individual and their capacity for love and intimacy. I also look to see if it is a time of love for each and, if possible, look to the chart of the first meeting of the two.

2. Synastry : The chemistry and dynamics between the two individuals as well as similarity of the natal charts. There are thousands of different alignments that can occur between charts but a handful of them signify long-term potential, some of which are not well known.

3. The composite chart: The relationship itself and how the two people experience it and how they act as a couple.

There is a lot of ground to cover here and these readings last several hours. I can also look for good times for romance for both of you, be it a date, a vacation or marriage.

Best for new couples or partnerships who are considering making a long-term commitment. I can also do readings for potential partners as long as the birth data is available.

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